This piece I am adding the the monthly design challenge thanks to the lovely Jay.
I have been a wee bit cheeky and cheated a little.
I have been working on this piece for some time.
okay, a LONG time ;)
It was a commission ( my first ever!)
for a friends office.
It has taken *eep* almost two years. goodness where does time go?
I have spent many hours on it, but have also done a lot of procrastinating.
Not like me at all! ;)
I did not begin to imagine when I started the logistical nightmare it would be getting something this large onto the sewing machine ( it measures approx 3.5 x 2.5 metres)
The backing fabric was white and I dyed it a grey colour with some tye dye to create the moon in top left corner.
The tree and mountains were appliqu├ęd on ( with the help of vast amounts of vliesofix!)
The cherry blossom flowers are all made from new and vintage kimono fabrics, then I have gone over them with free machine embroidery.
The screen print of the white japanese style logo was the finishing touch.
I have really enjoyed making this hanging but I dare say I possibly wont make anything of this size again!
mim x


Jasmine said...

It is very beautiful.

CurlyPops said...

Wow it's absolutely beautiful Mim... and huge! I adore the fabric flowers and the free motion stitching.
Textile art is definitely on my to do list this year, but I'll be starting a lot smaller.

polly pratt said...

It looks great , ilove the colours and texture.

yvette said...

How come I've missed so many posts of you?????
This really is a stunning piece of work.
I'm always so afraid to work in comission and decided not to do it anymore
In a post before you printed leaves and feathers.
What a special technique...can you tell me about the feathers???

so glad to have you back!

Jason said...

I like the cherry blossoms Mim. It must have been a battle to get that fabric on the machine!

Finki (jay) said...

Mim that's fabulous...and sooo big. I've never worked on anything that big. Thanks for joining in....I'll blog about it this arvo. (:

T said...

Love this piece Mim, The moon and the blossoms. What a large work, you must be very proud of it.


edward and lilly said...

This is a truly beautiful piece. I also love the work in your blog header.

Kate said...

It is wonderful! It will be striking in an office.

Julia said...

Just stunning, what an achievement!...I love the colours and the blossoms, gorgeous!...Julia

Julia said...

Thank you, so is yours!!!!.

Tania said...

Um. WOW!

Don't you think procrastination always gets involved as soon as the word 'commission' is uttered?! You have done one mighty fine job.

prashant said...

I adore the fabric flowers
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Seaweed and Raine said...

The flowers are alive with colour and texture. Beautiful.