I was fortunate to have saturday off work, and got to go out and play in my garage with wool!
I had a fabulous time creating these little felt purses/pouches and then decoating with stitch and vintage buttons. Thanks to the lovely starashan I am now able to do buttonhole on my machine.
These purses will be in the shop sometime next week :) xx

The end of the rainbow

greetings those on the blogsphere,
still getting used to this whole daily diary thingy! more like a weekly entry at the mo...
Ruby (my lovely little lass) had her friend zoes 4th birthday party today and the theme was rainbow attire.
i made her this cute little number and screen printed my own design over the spotty fabric.
Aslo made a duplicate for her little friend as a birthday pressie.
how cute are these two girlys?!
more dresses in the pipline for the shop... too many ideas, not enough time!
mim x x x

japanese hanging

This piece is one I have been working on VERY slowly all year.
Its a commission for a friends office. He wanted a japanese feel to the piece and a black/white/grey/red colour scheme.
I did several sketches and came up with the layout of stark looking cherry blossom, in front of mountains and eerie tie dyed moon.
Not all of the cherry blossom flowers are on yet but they are all cut from japanese kimono silks and cottons.
The hanging measures about 3mtrs x 2 mtrs! so.... I am having fun trying to get it on the sewing machine!! have to get it finshed soon as I have exhibition pieces to work on also.
Am juggling many balls at the moment with kids, study and work.
will post more photos as the hanging progresses.
I am going to finish it with screen printing over the tree trunk and machine embroidery over highlight sections

the finished painting.... i think

think its finished now , there is always that point when you can do too much, so i think I shall stop!
m x

Painting, just because

Having worked in the shop on sat, I have had my fill of fabric and textiles. I have been desperate to just have a play wiht paint and see what happens.
I only started painting about a year ago and I just love playing with colour and texture.
Layer upon layer I build and it soothes my soul to mix all this fluid lovliness.
I dont really have an image in my mind when I begin, mostly its all abstract.
I start by grabbing the tubes whos colour takes my fancy at that partucular moment.
I often will smear pva as the base coat and let it dry for a day or so, it gives some great textures, similar to Gesso I suppose.
With this piece I have experimented with laying scunched tissue paper and old bits of lace, directly onto the paint for different textural and highlight areas.
At this stage I am only using acrylics but would like to try oils some time too.
I have used a brush and pallete knife for this piece.
The final layer ( with the red flowers) I have used and old table cloth as a stencil and spray painted with red.
Lots of fun !!! now I have got that painting out of my system... its back to my tactile textiles! watch this space ......... mim x

photographic screen printing

More printing from Sundays class... This image is going to be the basis of one of my exhibition peices for Tafe. Its an image of my face dissolving into a flock of birds. In true mim style, printed in fluro pink.
The second image is of a poppy design done as a tafe exercise, the image was exoposed on the screen and printed, I would love to create a pattern repeat with this design...

vintage chicken pants

My first ever blog entry!happy blog birthday to me la la la la la la...
very excited about posting all my crafty and arty endeavours on here!
Little girls pants I have finished today...
made from recycled vintage fabric, i have then screen printed my little chick design onto them
and am very pleased with the result! lots more printing to come ...