My Creative Space

This is my new little friend kookaburra, I found the image in an old 1950's boys annual, exposed onto a screen and have been printing him on anything and everything I can find! These are some new bags for the shop, fully adjustable so Mr kooka can be a handbag or satchel, across body bag. What have you been creating?
mim x

my creative space

My creative space has been all about putting the finishing touches onto this wedding skirt. Its for a lovely lady who is getting married at CERES in march.
When I was initially approached to make this I was completely freaking out at the prospect of making someones wedding outfit! As I am sure I have mentioned before, I am definitely not a professional dressmaker! Anyhow, this lovely lass had seen one of my nuno felted scarves and wanted a skirt and Cami made in a similar style, for her big day.
It's now almost finished, Yay!
Its made from hand dyed tissue silk onto which I have then felted on merino wool and silk loom waste.
The netting on the yoke is silk also.
There is lots of exposed over lock for texture.
Clarice, my mannequin is looking a little battered after being dragged around the markets over summer.
She needs some attention :)


This piece I am adding the the monthly design challenge thanks to the lovely Jay.
I have been a wee bit cheeky and cheated a little.
I have been working on this piece for some time.
okay, a LONG time ;)
It was a commission ( my first ever!)
for a friends office.
It has taken *eep* almost two years. goodness where does time go?
I have spent many hours on it, but have also done a lot of procrastinating.
Not like me at all! ;)
I did not begin to imagine when I started the logistical nightmare it would be getting something this large onto the sewing machine ( it measures approx 3.5 x 2.5 metres)
The backing fabric was white and I dyed it a grey colour with some tye dye to create the moon in top left corner.
The tree and mountains were appliqu├ęd on ( with the help of vast amounts of vliesofix!)
The cherry blossom flowers are all made from new and vintage kimono fabrics, then I have gone over them with free machine embroidery.
The screen print of the white japanese style logo was the finishing touch.
I have really enjoyed making this hanging but I dare say I possibly wont make anything of this size again!
mim x

Friendship and printing

This year I am determined to make more artwork for my walls. I would also like to work towards having a large enough body of work to have an exhibition sometime in the near future.
I do love my 'job' of making womens clothes, accessories etc.
But really my heart lies in textile art, paint, print and stitch.
I do get to be expressive and creative with the designs on the clothing, but I am aching to paint on canvas, get back to my machine embroidery and play around with mixed media again.
These are some old canvases a friend gave me and I have been experimenting with layering screen printed images and washes of colour.
There was already colour on these when I received them so it was nice not to start with a white canvas.
I also like that the finished piece contains the work of two artists, two friends :)

happy new year :)

Happy new year, it has been a bit too long between posts for me !
Here are my two monkeys messing about.
We have had a lovley xmas and new year.
We have had visitors from the UK here for two weeks which was lovely as we had many outings around Melbourne.
Also over Christmas I was fortunate to be a birthing partner to a close friend, a very special experience, I even got to cut the cord :)

hope everyone has had a lovley break and I am looking forward to a year full of arty goodness :)
mim x