Felting worksop no.1

Felting workshop number one! A success!

I was very blessed to have a wonderful group of eager learners and creative types.

We first made a sheet of pre-felt all together,
then cut it up to felt onto individual scarves etc.

There were lots of laughs and
everyone made something unique and beautiful.

I still find it amazing how different everyones pieces are.
We had scarves, skirt panels and other lovely pieces.

To my wonderful students , I was a little nervous but I feel it was a roaring success.

my heartFELT thanks to you all
x x x

Nuno Felted scarves

On sunny days I like to head outside with one, or both children and make some felt.

Here is my beautiful kai playing with some wooltops and 'helping' with the felting.

I had some thrifted scarves and some tissue silk as a base and then I used white merino wooltops to felt on top.

Nuno felting fab, i love the fineness you can achieve

Have a lovely week x x

Kiddies Handprinted Scarves

I made a new little paper cut stencil of three birds to print onto these kids
scarves which I made from scraps.

I like the way the print looks on this vintage fabric with the little wings.


Before and After




I hope you enjoy looking at this transformation as much as I enjoyed cutting it up and reclaiming it...

I am keeping this one for myself :)

Today we have have been graced with a rainbow and then a fierce hail storm, I love days like these.....

m x