Nuno Felted scarves

On sunny days I like to head outside with one, or both children and make some felt.

Here is my beautiful kai playing with some wooltops and 'helping' with the felting.

I had some thrifted scarves and some tissue silk as a base and then I used white merino wooltops to felt on top.

Nuno felting fab, i love the fineness you can achieve

Have a lovely week x x


yvette said...

so nice your helper...that must give the most satisfying results..
as i can see !

polly pratt said...

These look fantastic :)

T said...

Great that you get all that help from beautiful kai....obviously makes all the difference in the fantastic result.....lovely fine...and so creative.

Janet said...

they're gorgeous, love nuno felting... and seeing all that sun shine through, how beautiful

Jo Horswill said...

Just look at that gorgeous boy of yours Mim...he is beautiful.
Love all the nuno...Joxx

Sherrin said...

so lovely and fine... you are very clever, Mimbo!