Nuno Felting

This is my first 'proper' attempt at Nuno felting.
For those of you who dont know 'Nuno felting' is felting onto very fine silk (or other fine natural fabric)
I made a basic poncho/ shawl shaped resist and went from there.
I am pretty happy with this first attempt.
I am loving working with all these lovely autumn colours at the moment, bliss..... x

Recycled Jumpers take two

I wish I had taken a 'before' photo of this jumper!
It was a yellow woolen turtle neck and in my opinion rather ugly!
I cut, felted and dyed it before adding the tabs,pockets and decorative stitch.
It now has a new life as a little girls felted jacket.
One of a kind and much nicer to look at than it was before xx

Fun with recycled Jumpers

I had been given a paritally felted mens woolen jumper
from a friend.
I cut of the turtle neck, slashed it open on an angle, and then felted it some more.
Then I took some of the spare felt pieces and made tabs for buttons and re-stitched them on.
I added pockets  with a little felt bird and also some hand running stitch for colour. 
These are so fun to do and i have already started the next one!
mim x