Recycled Jumpers take two

I wish I had taken a 'before' photo of this jumper!
It was a yellow woolen turtle neck and in my opinion rather ugly!
I cut, felted and dyed it before adding the tabs,pockets and decorative stitch.
It now has a new life as a little girls felted jacket.
One of a kind and much nicer to look at than it was before xx


Jacky said...

Mim this is soooo gorgeous and funky! I love using old jumpers that have been felted, and recycled into newer versions of themselves. I hadnt thought of dying them though.... might have to keep that in mind.
Your girls must look so cute in these gorgeous jackets.

Jacky xox

Gina said...

Awesome work. I saw your last jacket 'in the flesh' at Olivegrove last week and it was spectacular. (Although wouldn't have fit me, boo hoo!!!). You really do the felting thing so well and creatively.

yvette said...

wow...yes I would have liked the before picture too!
Thanks for you lovely words on my blog!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Mim...this little jacket is great, it has your signiture "MIM" style to it!!! Does it come in "Big" ???
I think I can remember saying this to you once before :)

T said...

Hi Miriam

Thanks for visiting my blog, it is great to hear from you. i love this jacket, it is so creative. Fantastic recycling. Great work.

Gina said...

PS when do you work at Olivegrove? I have a little something for you... I'll drop in and say hi and save on the postage/packaging.
Love to know how you're going on the skirt front too - I just bought myself an a-line pattern and am going to give it a go.

fontainefleurie said...

Hello Mim, from time to time I read your blog. This post about a recycled jumper is great. The use of the big pieces to close the jacket are very original, specialy on such a tiny size. Go for the catwalk! greetings Dorie (my creative blog is

Bird Bath said...

wow! your recycled jumpers are amazing. I LOVE the new lease of life you give them. The colours are so vibrant too.