My creative Space

My studio is rather chaotic with piles and piles of 'to do' items :/
So, I decided to move out to the kitchen! The Kitchen table has been my creative space this afternoon.
What been happening there? Lots and lots of screen printing.
Firstly my new 'feathers' print onto a pair of denim shorts for a very special little person, a birthday present for my beautiful little son who is turning two today.
The white opaque ink really does not like the hot weather! I have to print very quickly so that the ink doesn't dry in the screen and block it.
The red print is my new leaf design which I have been printing onto womens tops and dresses.
I love the combination of dark denim and red print, especially once a bit of red stitch has been added...
mim x


What a joy is op shopping! Look at these treasures I came across. All in the one oppy and all for a grand total of $3.50! Two vintage 'sally-Ann' girls make your own apron kits complete with trim and instructions.
A make your own 'Sunday Bag' with cute little felt dog appliqué.
And the most glorious of all- A vintage 'Educational Toy' embroidery set that had never been opened, resplendent with coloured embroidery threads, instructions, beads etc.

Sometimes I get an op shop 'feeling', like I know there is something delicious treasure just waiting for me to go and rescue it.
Todays Haul was so great! my little Ruby loves the apron Kit.
as for the Sunday bag, well, thats all mine ;)

I'm still here ;)

Yup, thats me, looking rather silly and Hilarious at an 80's party earlier in the year.
I am still here , but have been crazily pumping out clothes for Christmas, a la production line style.
so, I have been exhausted!
Time to get back to blogging and have some fun now.
This morning I took a long time making MYSELF a top for summer.

Show and tell next week of all the stuff I have been making x x x