Open Studio

Thanks to Jason from artbox diary for sharing his open studio and tagging me to do the same.
I have been neglecting my poor blog for the past week or so.
So here it is, my little studio. Its only small but I feel very fortunate to have a space.
There is a big tree right outside the window which is so lovely.
On sunny days i love sitting in here, creating and looking out at my garden and kiddies playing.
I have my trusty sewing machine and overlocker in here, and my many shelves of vintage fabric.
I have a hanging rack for finished wearable pieces, and more shelves with supplies for printing, painting and sewing.
I often stick little pieces of inspiration on the walls in here, including little artworks from Ruby my daughter. ( green glitter piece in photo)
The large hanging tubes you see are mesh pods from IKEA which are FANTASTIC, for all my scraps that i cannot part with. I store them in order of colours which makes it so easy to locate snippets of similar colours for artworks and wearables.
I am supposed to tag more people for open studio but dont really have all that many blog 'mates' yet :( I think everyone i know has already been tagged.
so, anyone who reads this and would like to share their studio space with me and others please do.