Eco- Printing

A few weeks back I did an eco-dyeing/printing workshop with India Flint
until now I have'nt managed to do much experimenting.
As I was riding my bike around in the chilly air today I saw a little pair of legs through some trees and Lo and behold I found miss Alison 
collecting leaves for some printing experiments!
I collected too and came home to experiment...

I am afraid I do not know the botanical name as yet for these plants
but just look at the colours!
Bright pinks and subtle greens, yum.

These are the little bundles all ready to go in the steamer, inside are all the leaves and flowers I collected.

These little bright pink spots are from  a weedy looking little something that was growing in a crack in the footpath.  Unfortunately my photography skills do not do this print justice, it is bright bright pink.
so much fun! xx

More Skirts from scraps

Still using up my very large stash of old fabrics in a bid to de clutter (and make room for more fabric he he he)
Here are some more skirts :)


poly·es·ter (päl′ē estər, pälē es′tər)


  1. any of several polymeric synthetic resins formed chiefly by condensing polyhydric alcohols with dibasic acids: used in making plastics, fibers, etc.
  2. fabric made of these fibers

I have been determined to start using up my fabric stash instead of buying more!
I have had a few piles of 70's polyseter fabric hanging around for some time now.
Generally speaking I am not a fan of highly synthetic fabrics, but hey, I figure- its alreadly here looking ugly sitting on my shelf, so why not turn it into something prettier and usuable!?
This is the new design I have come up with for women skirts.

Wrap/ layered skirts with bold shapes appliqued on.

Today I have made some  fun pink ones which I will show in the next post.
I have been having the best time making these! x mim 

Print Table

I was pottering about in the shop on Monday and made some new cards with watercolour pencil, stitch and fabric.

The print table in there is so vast and fabulous for cutting out, printing and felting too.

Over time images and prints build up and layer over the backing cloth and the whole table becomes a work of art in itself.
Usually before it gets too 'busy' it is replaced with a new backing cloth.

Its quite interesting to watch the progression over a few monts of the images building, it is so greatly different every time.
some snippets of prints I found on the table on Sunday

Back, with hats :) (in fact 3 hats in one afternoon!)

I find the thing with posting, the longer you leave it the harder it seems to do! I love posting and blogging, but most of all making.  I have been doing lots of making  but not much posting about it which is silly really because one really feeds the other.  So I will behere blogging away more frequently from now on! I promise!
I wanted to make my children a hat for the coming cooler months so I headed out to the garage/felting studio and put into practice all the skills I learnt in the hat making workshop run by Liz Evans.
here is my little man Kai in his new green  hat, how  cute...

I was so excited with the green one, I went straight  on to make a pink one (as requested!) by my lovely girl ruby, it is complete with pink hearts..   So thrilled was I with the results of these two that I went on to make a third for the shop.