poly·es·ter (päl′ē estər, pälē es′tər)


  1. any of several polymeric synthetic resins formed chiefly by condensing polyhydric alcohols with dibasic acids: used in making plastics, fibers, etc.
  2. fabric made of these fibers

I have been determined to start using up my fabric stash instead of buying more!
I have had a few piles of 70's polyseter fabric hanging around for some time now.
Generally speaking I am not a fan of highly synthetic fabrics, but hey, I figure- its alreadly here looking ugly sitting on my shelf, so why not turn it into something prettier and usuable!?
This is the new design I have come up with for women skirts.

Wrap/ layered skirts with bold shapes appliqued on.

Today I have made some  fun pink ones which I will show in the next post.
I have been having the best time making these! x mim 


Sherrin said...

I recognise some of that fabric! ;o) They look cute, really comfy. :o) I noticed them when I dropped some stuff in on Sunday.

crafty said...

Hi Mim, lovely skirts! It looks like you've been busy. Any chance you'll be posting some of your eco-dying?

I must try some banksia leaves, I haven't tried that yet, I got a nice light green from grevillea though.

Gina said...

Good on you for stash-busting! I was trying to sort mine yesterday and I've made a vow to myself, no more new fabric for at least 3 months! Phew... I guess it will challenge the creativity. Nice work with the skirts!