Eco- Printing

A few weeks back I did an eco-dyeing/printing workshop with India Flint
until now I have'nt managed to do much experimenting.
As I was riding my bike around in the chilly air today I saw a little pair of legs through some trees and Lo and behold I found miss Alison 
collecting leaves for some printing experiments!
I collected too and came home to experiment...

I am afraid I do not know the botanical name as yet for these plants
but just look at the colours!
Bright pinks and subtle greens, yum.

These are the little bundles all ready to go in the steamer, inside are all the leaves and flowers I collected.

These little bright pink spots are from  a weedy looking little something that was growing in a crack in the footpath.  Unfortunately my photography skills do not do this print justice, it is bright bright pink.
so much fun! xx


yvette said...

Miriam, so you're hooked too! In the Netherlands we work with the book because India hasn't been here for a workshop, but we are exited.
ot yes it's felt between the trees (I almost say..of course its felt..most of my pictures are about felt)

crafty said...

Oh lovely! I didn't get pink from mine the other day, just a gorgeous dark, dark green, (Oh are those top ones the bright orangey red rounder ones from the same traffic island?) I wonder if it is because I put some tap water on mine?
Or maybe it is just the difference in the leaves, because they are one day older, and changing colour.

I didn't get around to doing any dying today unfortunately. Love the pinks.

I haven't checked the colourfastness of any of mine yet, maybe tomorrow!

crafty said...

oh, yes, and I love your new look.

Gina said...

nice new blog header mim! looks like a few of you have discovered the eco-printing thing... maybe i'll join in one day!

yvette said...

ot. yes it was recycled sari silk yarn...a project for women in nepal.
The object showed the attack on our queen yesterday while it was queensday an thats always a big fest,lots and lots of people on the streets. There was suddenly a car who drove full speed through the people and killed several.Missed by centimeters the queen and her family.
black day and chaos!

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

They look really great Miriam, what are your plans with the technique it lends itself to a lot of the work you do I think.
Did Alison do the course with you?
Love J

Jason said...

I haven't done a course with India, but I do have her book. I had a bit of fun whilst in Japan playing around with eco dyes. When I get back from my trip around Australia I'd like to use some eucalyptus leaves to see what colours I can achieve.