Felting worksop no.1

Felting workshop number one! A success!

I was very blessed to have a wonderful group of eager learners and creative types.

We first made a sheet of pre-felt all together,
then cut it up to felt onto individual scarves etc.

There were lots of laughs and
everyone made something unique and beautiful.

I still find it amazing how different everyones pieces are.
We had scarves, skirt panels and other lovely pieces.

To my wonderful students , I was a little nervous but I feel it was a roaring success.

my heartFELT thanks to you all
x x x


yvette said...

Felters included the beginners are always so eager and make wonders for themselves...beautiful results and a happy teacher!

Sherrin said...

Yay Mim! So glad it went well!!!! x

Janet said...

how cool! I may have to book myself into one of your classes if you still have them going in a bit, it looks like so much fun!

fontainefleurie said...

good idea to make the prefelt together - teamworks always brings good energy. And there was even a man in your first class! Chapeau for your you. xDorie

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Congratulations Miriam, the class looks really fun, most of all I am glad you enjoyed it also.
You are doing so well with your art work.

T said...

Looks like so much fun Mim....and you are right everyone made something different and beautiful...Good that you enjoyed it too.

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

I too love feltingsome very cool things being made. Being an avid crafter myself, i cannot imagine not making. Love this 5 random blog makes! count me in!