japanese hanging

This piece is one I have been working on VERY slowly all year.
Its a commission for a friends office. He wanted a japanese feel to the piece and a black/white/grey/red colour scheme.
I did several sketches and came up with the layout of stark looking cherry blossom, in front of mountains and eerie tie dyed moon.
Not all of the cherry blossom flowers are on yet but they are all cut from japanese kimono silks and cottons.
The hanging measures about 3mtrs x 2 mtrs! so.... I am having fun trying to get it on the sewing machine!! have to get it finshed soon as I have exhibition pieces to work on also.
Am juggling many balls at the moment with kids, study and work.
will post more photos as the hanging progresses.
I am going to finish it with screen printing over the tree trunk and machine embroidery over highlight sections


Jo Horswill said...

Mim, I really love what is evolving here...The Oriental feel to this piece is evocative of a mysterious, Japanese dream scape...It's size is overwhelming Mim...how wonderful to be creating on such a grand scale! I hope I can see it one day!

Kate Heshan said...

hi Mim - thanks for the comment on my blog. Your work is gorgeous and i will visit again....

Sherrin said...

after having seen the size of this piece, I am amazed to see you have done so much in the last week. It's HUGE! Looking great! :o)

Miriam said...

thanks guys!
working on it this weekend so wtach this space xxx