The end of the rainbow

greetings those on the blogsphere,
still getting used to this whole daily diary thingy! more like a weekly entry at the mo...
Ruby (my lovely little lass) had her friend zoes 4th birthday party today and the theme was rainbow attire.
i made her this cute little number and screen printed my own design over the spotty fabric.
Aslo made a duplicate for her little friend as a birthday pressie.
how cute are these two girlys?!
more dresses in the pipline for the shop... too many ideas, not enough time!
mim x x x


Jo Horswill said...

Oh Mim...look at these two cuties!
Ruby's smile!!!Oh gorgeous!!! She is getting so big!!!
Love your screenprint design and the "little numbers" you have whipped up to put it on!!!

Jason said...

I like the design too. It's a very versatile design. I bet it would look very strong on a t-shirt or skirt.

kate said...

Your polka dots made me smile! And your daughter and her friend are cute as buttons!

Jason said...

Hello again,

Jo has inspired me to begin a game of 'open studio/work space tag'. I hope you can join in. Please see my blog for the rules.