Painting, just because

Having worked in the shop on sat, I have had my fill of fabric and textiles. I have been desperate to just have a play wiht paint and see what happens.
I only started painting about a year ago and I just love playing with colour and texture.
Layer upon layer I build and it soothes my soul to mix all this fluid lovliness.
I dont really have an image in my mind when I begin, mostly its all abstract.
I start by grabbing the tubes whos colour takes my fancy at that partucular moment.
I often will smear pva as the base coat and let it dry for a day or so, it gives some great textures, similar to Gesso I suppose.
With this piece I have experimented with laying scunched tissue paper and old bits of lace, directly onto the paint for different textural and highlight areas.
At this stage I am only using acrylics but would like to try oils some time too.
I have used a brush and pallete knife for this piece.
The final layer ( with the red flowers) I have used and old table cloth as a stencil and spray painted with red.
Lots of fun !!! now I have got that painting out of my system... its back to my tactile textiles! watch this space ......... mim x


Jo Horswill said...

I just have to comment on my very talented friend...I am so happy you are painting all this fresh wet paint!!!makes me want to do some...
Some gorgeous texture & pattern here Jo

kate said...

wonderfully juicy images!

Jason said...

I like the use of PVA. I'd like to experiment with that too.