Festivals, Felting and Freedom

I'm back, its been a while! my cmaera software is back on the computer and finally I can post again. Yay! Its so nice to see what everyone has been up to.
I am having a stall over Australia day weekend at the Rainbow Serpent Festival so have been busy trying to come up with  some new designs.
I am going away for five days which is the longest I have been away from my kiddies, so there may be some tears.
On the other  hand I will be feeling so footloose and fancy free not having all that responsibilty!
I came up with the idea for a felted overskirt which also has a felt pouch attached, perfect for festival and dancing when you dont want to carry a bag.
Here are some images of the felt pieces dryinig on the line.
I will post a pic  tommorrow of the finished product :)


Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Miriam, I think the felts are great
what about a simple qnd quick one with just one peak on a thin band with a pocket.
I get so frustrated not having a pocket in things....great idea.Lovej

Ro Bruhn said...

wow these felted pieces look great, hope we get to see the finished garment. Have a great time, hope you do well.

Jason said...

Thanks for your comment. My teacher has some really amazing but expensive work. I'll be bringing some pieces back to Melbourne to sell for him this year.

You know, I did felting once...and only once. It took ages. Maybe I'll get back into it sometime.

fontainefleurie said...

this is like an art-installation! I've been running through your blog and I do like what I see - the combination of textile and paint - I have started an online course fibre-in-form and will see where it leads me - thanks for your inspiration (visit my other blog if you want, it is www.dovadi.web-log.nl/fiberfusing)

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Mim...you have been creating.
I love these pieces...great photos of them all hanging together!

yvette said...

thank you for visiting my blog, yes it was a felt garment on the ice. Your art is stunning and i 'm very curious about the end result of your dancing dress.lovely and painfull to leave your kiddies for a couple of days...but....