Print , sketch and memory lane

When travelling overseas I usually make a point of taking a little sketch book with me, some watercolour pencils and not much else in the way of art supplies.
Sometimes it is nice to have a break from the sewing machine, the cutting and the 'production line'.
Last year when I was in Cornwall, I was so inspired by the beauty of the place, I did many many sketches in the little black book.
After returning to Australian shores it was really nice to be able to look back over my sketch book at all the little drawings, each one took me right back to where I was at the time I sketched it.

Photos are wonderful for reminiscing about a place, a time , but I have always found that a little sketch does more...... for me, it is a more personal, more vivid memory with a drawing.

Until this print it had been a long long time since using a paper, hand cut stencil for screen printing.

Photographic screen printing has been my preferred method for quite some time now.. So it was so lovely, so simple and very satisfying to draw, hand cut and hand print 'Penryn' onto these skirts.
Penryn is where we spent most of our time in Cornwall

mim x


Janet said...

Looking lovely Mim, good to have you back in blogland.

Jason said...

Been waiting for blog post from you for ages! Keep it up!

yardage girl said...

I totally agree with you about carrying a sketchbook and a camera - they both capture things quite differently. Nice prints - I quite like a quick, satisfying stencil every now and then too! Nic

Sherrin said...

Yay Mim. Looks great!

edward and lilly said...

I love this print and completely agree with you about sketching.